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6 Tips on How Reputation Marketing is Very Profitable

I started this article on reputation marketing, to be posted on LinkedIn but never finished on May 1, 2016.  Now would be a good time to complete these tips.

Your First Impression is Your Reputation as a Business Online, or it should be

Did you know that whether a prospective client learns about your business by seeing a TV ad, or hears about your business on a radio commercial, or reads a print or internet ad, or even if it was word of month from a networking event or Chamber of Commerce meeting or a HOT referral from a friend or family member, 87% of folks (before the 2020 Crisis), check out that company online before ever contacting that business.  What they find often determines their next course of action.

The buzz words for years have been Reputation Management and Reputation Monitoring.  However, the last time I looked, businesses don't make money managing reputation or monitoring reputation.  They make money marketing.  

Reputation Marketing is define as the marketing of a businesses 5 star review in order to obtain more business.  Next time you Google your own company, you might look to see that you have these elements in place:

1.  In the right hand side margin, check to see if the Google My Business information correct and does it include a place where visitors can add a review?

2.  Does your business have 6 to 10 five star reviews from past patrons?  If not, YOUR BUSINESS ISN'T TRUSTED.  

Also bad reputation reviews are not always bad if handled correctly.  Meaning, never engage in an argument with a person who posted a bad reputation review about your business.  

Remember, no matter how right you think you are, future people that might look to do business with you are reading your response as well.

3.  As a company policy, never stop asking for feedback from your clients, customers and or patients.  It's kind of like a business resume.  People will look for lapses in time between reputation reviews.   

When the business gets a bad reputation review, (we are all only human), the best practice is to respond by letting the client know that you are sorry they had a bad experience at your place of business.  

Assure them that you will do everything in your power to make things right them and to personally reach out to you through the business.  

One of 2 things will happen.  

1.  They will reach out giving you the opportunity to make things right with them.  This give the business an opportunity to change a 1 Star Reputation Review into a 5 Star Reputation Review for the World to see.  

2.  They will not get back to you.  The future readers with note that the business owner at least tries to make things right when something goes wrong.  Get your FREE Reputation Report

What are the 3 Elements the 87% of potential Prospective Clients look for on Google?

It's important to know what your potential clients are searching for so you'll be prepared to give them what they are looking for when they search Google for your business. 

1.  When a prospect learns about your business for the first time, 87% go online, mostly Google to discover if you are a reputable company?  Again, if they find that your business doesn't show 6 to 10 five star reputation reviews they will got shop for your competitor because the will not trust your company.

2.  A potential new customer also want to know if you carry the BRAND that they are looking to purchase.  For example.  If I were interested in buying a Ford, I wouldn't be looking for reputation reviews of BMW Dealers.  Make sense?

3.  The final question on the 87% of prospects that look your business up online is, "If I call, opt-in and or set an appointment, is this company going to give me a good deal?"  That's entirely up to you.

That's it for this Reputation Blog post.  I would love to engage with you in the comments and read your reaction. 

Unit next time.....#LIVEWITHPASSION..... And if you were reading this post on your phone, tablet or other mobile device.....  THANK FOR THE RIDE!!!!!  :) 



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