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PRESS RELEASE: Michael J. Larkin of Local Partnership Joint Market Solutions Declared Finalist In West Hartford’s Alignable Main Street Mentors Search 

Larkin Is One Of The Top Contenders Remaining In West Hartford’s Competition That Ends On August 24

BOSTON, MA: August 4, 2021 -- The largest online referral network for small businesses, Alignable.com is announcing the local finalists in its North American search for  business leaders who’ve gone above and beyond to help peers and their communities with their economic recovery.

Today, Alignable’s network is honoring Michael J. Larkin of Local Partnership Joint Market Solutions as one of the finalists in West Hardtford’s Main Street Mentors Search. Larkin is also a contender for one of two national Main Street Mentor prizes: lifetime Premium Alignable memberships, valued at nearly $11,000 each.  

Nearly 50,000 small business owners voted and provided testimonials for their local business superstars. This is the first year Alignable has hosted the Main Street contest and the outpouring of gratitude for the finalists has been remarkable -- at peak times, 50 votes landed every minute. 

The final round of voting starts today. Winners will be announced by early September.

Inspiring Everyone To Band Together

“Thousands of local recoveries across North America are happening at vastly different rates,” said Eric Groves, Alignable’s Co-Founder and CEO. “But there’s one common denominator in communities reaping rewards now: business mentors like our contest superstars are inspiring their peers to come together and move the small business economy forward.”

“West Hartford’s business community means a great deal to me and I’m delighted I’ve been able to help other businesses recover. In West Hartford and Newington, we’re all here for each other, despite our obstacles,” said Larkin. “I am thrilled to be a finalist and very grateful for the support I’ve received. And while we all want to win, it’s most important for us to keep fighting for our communities until they rebound fully, no matter how long that takes.”

Local contest winners will receive Main Street Mentor badges on their Alignable profiles, recognizing their contributions. In past years, the awareness generated through contests like this one has helped drive additional connections, prospects, and new business for many winners.

Reinforcing Our Superstars’ Efforts

“While recognizing business leaders driving prosperity is always important, it’s vital to our current recovery that we reinforce our finalists’ grassroots efforts now,” said Alignable’s Co-Founder and President Venkat Krishnamurthy.  “Several didn’t realize how much their peers appreciated what they’ve done for their communities, until they saw so many testimonials emerge from the contest, encouraging them to keep up the good work.”

To cast a vote for Larkin and pass along a supportive testimonial, click here if you’re already an Alignable member. If you’re not, it’s free and easy to join by going to Alignable.com,

To arrange interviews with Larkin and/or an Alignable representative, please contact Alignable’s Head Of PR Chuck Casto at chuck@alignable.com. He also can offer JPEGs and other visuals, recommendations supporting winners, and additional information.

About LPJM Solutions:

Founded on March 17, 1998, LPJM Solutions has built a 5 Star Reputation because of 3 CORE values.  We LOVE what we are able to do to help our clients’ businesses grow.  We are LOYAL to our Clients and Staff.  And we strive to establish LIFE-LONG FRIENDSHIPS each and every day. 


About Alignable

Alignable.com is the largest online referral network for small businesses in the U.S. and Canada. With 6.5 million+ members across 35,000+ communities, Alignable is the network where small business owners drive leads and prospects, generate referrals, land new business, build trusted relationships, and share great advice.


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