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List Building During 2021-2022: The Basics Skills and The NEW Strategies

If you have been following online marketing of any kind, you have heard the phrase, “The Money is in the LIST.”  List building is not being realized as a vital part of conducting business for the small businesses.

It’s 2021. 

The biggest asset to any company or business is their list building process.  One can argue and say that the biggest asset is their staff.  To them, maybe.  But to a potential buyer of the business, the staff has no loyalty to the possible new owner and the new owner has no loyalty to the staff.  But what if you could rapidly invite like minded people to an online gathering like a Facebook Group to super charge your list building.  The advantage of doing this will be explained.

There are many ways to list building.  One could buy a list or buy systems that produces list building by scraping data off the internet. 

Another way is to utilize digital tools that records visitors to a brick and mortar office location or residential workers.   It’s kind of like, when you go the grocery store, and you forget to bring your VIP-CARD.  What do you do?  You type in your phone number, right.  If they don’t have your phone number on file, their system asks for your NAME, E-mail as well.

This one tool also has the feature of texting the client, customer or patient after the person leaves the appointment, 

“Would you recommend us?  Yes  or  No.

Depending on the person’s answer, one of two videos will appear.  If the person selected, ”No.”  The video will apologize and recommend the person to contact the office to see if they can make things right.  If the person selected, “Yes,” the person will see a video thanking them and ask for their short feed back about their experience.  When the person presses submit, the video appears again asking if they would be so kind to press the “COPY BUTTON” so they can paste their kind review immediately onto Google, or Facebook.  This tool not only is an automated list buildering machine but also an automated reputation marketing machine.

Pay Traffic campaigns involve 23 banner ad images called a banner ad set.  A person, who might see these ads might be someone who is in a specific location at a specific time, or has digitally subscribed to an online magazine.  The person “clicks” on the ad that links them to a “Landing Page” or a “Squeeze Page.”  This page offers something free or a limited time discount if they put in their NAME, E-mail and sometimes their phone, in order to get the Free item or discount.  Campaigns like these have been around for years.  It is how list building is most commonly executed.

Recently Facebook Groups have been utilized to process list building of like minded folks to gather to learn, discuss, take polls and or surveys to engage and to build stronger relationships in friendships and business.  It is usually the founder of the Groups that are looked upon as the experts of the Group's category or topic.  There is a NEW FB Group Course that is FREE until July 4th 2021.  After the 4th of July the price will be established and in the Private FB Group members will be privy to various Modules and Lesson inside the Course.  Those that would like their own Lifetime Access can purchase after the 4th or get their own FREE access if they register their copy before July 4, 2021.



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