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Is There Hope For The Car Industry?  An Economic Prediction Assessment?

Expert In the Car Industry, Sandy Cerami’s Economic Prediction Suggesting More Pivots Are Needed

Technical digital marketing advances are on the horizon offering a faster, more efficient and more effective way to do business.  World Class Car Industry Consultant, Mr. Sandy Cerami talks of the economic prediction of a  “bubble” that is on the verge of busting to the point where the result on humans could be economic hardships that have never been experienced before in history.  Can digital marketing strategy and tools come to the rescue?

Mr. Cerami is one of the most respected leader's in the Car Industry who has been quoted saying,

“The Car Industry Dealerships are particularly exposed to many of the dynamic fiscal influence such as claim logistics, raw materials procurement and cost, as well as the erratic fluctuation in the exchange rates of Global currencies during crisis.  Without a strategy the focus of expense reduction and control asset levering/return on investment (ROI) and associate and client satisfaction, many businesses will stumble, or even worse, fail due to a lack of strategic planning and tactical execution.”

What is on the horizon, that might need to be forced into human society is the Blockchain for instance, to secure and speed up transactions which is still a slow process.  For the Car Industry, his could solve some serious problems and be the solution with the slow transfer speed of money, to and from, countries like Japan for example.  In the Pre-Covid World, home schooling via a Zoom call was unthinkable.  That way this economic prediction conversation must be brought into the light and discussed as Society, as a whole proved it could adjust in some pockets rather quickly when forced.  Many in the Car Industry are not leaders and are grounded in the presents and past, executing on what they know worked and are doomed to be pasted by, brought and or die.  A recent conversation on Clubhouse had one leader, in the Car Industry, wanting to learn more about this economic prediction as he said, “I’d rather fix my roof while the Sun is still shining.”

Certain tools and strategies are available that are not house-hold names, yet.  Some of these digital marketing solutions are being shut out at this time due to the slipping grip of how things used to be, but are that are now obsolete and some leaders just don’t know it or are purposely ignoring what is right in front of them.  

I know exactly what my late Father, Jim Larkin meant when he used to say, "Ignorance is bliss." 

The tools of the future are just about to take over as soon as the bubble pops.  At least in the Car Industry.  

Continue reading as I’ll reveal added economic prediction strategies and tools that can go right along with Mr. Cerami’s list of 7 Strategies.

While I believe the economic prediction of Mr. Cerami’s economic bubble bursting is imminent for the Car Industry, the question now is, “How do businesses, heck, how do entire industries like the Car Industry begin to protect themselves, not later but right now?”

Whether you look to the past or to the future, change is coming, that is a certainty.  That is why economic prediction alerts like Mr. Cerami’s are vitally important.  Mr. Cerami’s latest paper, “7 Strategic Solutions: Profit Drivers & Expense Killers,” asks 3 Critical Questions aimed to leaders in the Car Industry.  I’ll address each question separately:        

  1.  “How can we maximize current assets to increase their ROI and value, as well as reduce tax liabilities and create more sustainable net profitability?”

Following the timeline, going back 100 years, there has been one consistent action that has, not only saved companies, but made them house-hold names after economic downturns.  As a Digital Marketer for over two decades I can’t believe I’m revealing this fact, but during crisis, data is not King.  Business leaders look to their top accountants in order to decide what departments to cut in order to keep the business alive.  The accountants see the Sales Department as an asset as they account for the rise in the companies revenue.  They would never suggest cutting into a Department that is making money.  That same accounting assessment sees the Marketing Department as an expense.  Then, the Accounting Department reports back to the company leadership with their findings and thus the Marketing Department has got to be cut.  Their economic prediction is based purely of the data.  As you will see, history has proven this to be counter-intuitive for companies in the Car Industry and U.S. Companies in general.

As a result, the phones stop ringing and the Sale Department is now a cost with nothing coming into the business.

According to the Tribune Publishing Company, in the 1920’s,  Post and Kellogg’s rose their market spending 30% in the middle of the Great Depression and became house-hold names.  With the 1970’s Oil Embargo, American became familiar with Toyota that became a house-hold name from the Car Industry.  During the 1990’s economic downturn, we saw Pizza Hut increase spend on marketing by 61% and Taco Bell increased their marketing spend 40%.  Meanwhile, fast food giant McDonalds cut back to lose 28%.  Finally, in 2009 we saw that cute little digital book company called Amazon increase 29% as Trillions were lost in other sections of the economy.  Today, Amazon has become a digital marketing Juggernaut.  This is a historical economic prediction indicator that many businesses will ignore at their peril.  Some are currently reading this in the Car Industry but it won't matter to them until it is to late.

My message should be clear, when you see competitors shut down their marketing or digital marketing when the bubble busts, take advantage and double down on your marketing, or don’t.

     2. “What capital investment will be necessary to deliver higher sustained net profitability?”

Accepting what we now know historically from the last question, looking to digital marketing tools with strategies which already have been  tried, tested and proven in the Car Industry and others, that can now, laser target the exact clients like never before, why wouldn't anyone be curious?  You try to get to buyers of your cars and provide ongoing service to keep those cars running, right?  The way you get in front of  these folks, and stay in front of these folks is through Big Data, and not expensive Mass Media in 2021 and beyond.  Digital Marketing has changed the Car Industry and more industries forever.  The question now is, "Will the leaders in industries like the Car Industry respond to economic prediction warnings like this and Mr. Cerami’s work before it is to late?"  Some will, and some won’t.  Coupled with the less sexy Reputation Marketing, The Big Data Campaign customized programs is a one-two marketing strategy combo is a knockout every time.   As we move closer to the Economic Bubble Bursting, I’d be Happy to show what kind of powerful system this digital marketing can do for any companies short term and long term profitability.

While it is too advanced an explanation to get into here, the link button below will take you to an 8 minute “Intro to the Ad Spend Revolution,” video.

       3. “How will these strategic measures positively impact our culture and improve the client experience in                  the short term and long term?”

As far as economic prediction goes, improving your online Reputation, especially on Google, gives any company the credibility, authority and builds the trust for any searcher to become a powerful lead.  Currently, 87% of Consumers look up a company they are interested in possibly doing business with before ever contacting that company.  Most go to Google.  Does that make sense?  The Reputation Marketing strategy, done right, in essence, stops the shopping as it answers 2 of the 3 questions consumers are searching for, namely:

       A.      Are you a reputable company to do business with?

       B.      Do you have the – Brand, Product or Service I looking for now? 

       C.      Are you going to give me a good deal?

I have not got any economic prediction if my client intends to give their potential client’s a good deal, but I do monitor their online reviews so I find out.  I feel this is my added responsibility as an industry leader.

Using Big Data, we can find all the customers for every U.S. Car Industry Dealer, combining Digital Marketing Banner Ad Re-Targeting campaigns, that not only converts business for the short-term but results in a permanent solution for long-term reliance on expensive mass marketing strategies.  

The Car Industry leaders that choose, right now, to profit while saving of this main expense will win and they will see these results, right now, in months instead of years.

Sandy Cerami’s economic prediction and saving strategies are all sound for the Car Industry.  From the credit/debit card fee transactions, service experiences improvements, solar energy solutions, tire ware analysis, digital engagement, ESOP – Employee Stock ownership plans and finally form free Direct One-Way Customer Engagement Platform.


Although I believe the 7 Strategic solutions are absolutely expense killers, they all are not necessarily Profit Drivers for the Car Industry.  The addition of, first, a Reputation Marketing Strategy coupled with a laser re-targeted Big Data Campaign Display Digital Marketing program, can solve the worrisome economic prediction about the bubble bursting no matter the size of the bubble.  To learn more, Click the Self Booking Link below and simply choose the best date and time for you.  We hold our meeting on Zoom so you can actually see what we are saying:



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