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October 29.2021
13 Minutes Read

17 Facebook Groups for to Increase Blog Site Traffic Now!

17 Facebook Groups for to Increase Blog Site Traffic Now!

Learn which Facebook groups can help you grow your blog site traffic!

Facebook groups for blog writers-- there are a million of them, right?

Well, not exactly a million. Or a minimum of, I don't think so.

But it can feel that way when you're scrolling Facebook trying to find groups to join due to the fact that you just started a blog.

At one point, I came from over 100 different Facebook groups for blogging. It was overwhelming and I 'd forgotten joining about half of them.

The challenge (and what I wish to help you with) is determining which ones deserve your time.

So go into this post to find out which Facebook groups for bloggers are my absolute favorite!

Advantages of Joining Facebook Groups for Bloggers

There are 3 terrific factors to sign up with Facebook groups for blog writers when you're simply beginning as a blogger.

Initially, you can find out a lot about blogging in this manner.

A lot of blogging groups on Facebook enable members to post concerns on the wall or request for feedback about their blog site.

I've asked concerns about Pinterest style, working together, constructing an e-mail list-- you call it.

And I likewise pay attention to what other individuals are asking too. It's a simple way to improve your blogging understanding without having to invest hours searching the web trying to find responses.

Second, you can develop relationships with other blog writers in these groups.

I don't understand any of individuals in the Facebook groups I belong to personally.

But there's a sense of we're- all-in-this-together that occurs when you see the very same faces turning up as you make the rounds of various groups. And that can be available in handy when you're ready to begin branching off your blog promo efforts.

Among your blogging friends might ask you to visitor post on their website, for example. Or they might begin following you on Pinterest and their followers begin following you too.

As your network grows, your blog site can grow too.

Third, and possibly most importantly if you're a new blogger, Facebook groups can be an excellent method to help enhance your blog site traffic.

Which's what you desire, right?

Individuals visiting your blog, leaving remarks, bookmarking your posts for later on, sharing them on Pinterest, Twitter-- you get the picture.

A lot of the groups I belong to include sharing threads where you can share a post or your latest pin or your social media profiles. Dropping your links is a fast and simple method to get eyes on your material.

What Makes a Facebook Group for Bloggers Good?

Before we get to the list, let's go through what makes a Facebook group for blog writers a good one.

Here's what I try to find when signing up with a group:

Decent membership (1,000+). Produced and run by a recognized blogger (or blog writers). Private, closed group. Regular and consistent posting by the moderators/owners. Promo threads or days for sharing post, social media profiles, etc. Great engagement.

Essentially, I try to join blogging groups that give you a possibility to promote your blog site however also help you in fact learn more about blogging.

Due to the fact that there's a lot to find out all the time when you're a beginner.

So, the groups I'm most active in are the ones where members can and do ask great deals of questions. The best groups are the ones where the admins and/or mediators really require time to supply a thoughtful answer.

For instance, I just recently asked a concern about opt-ins in the Blogging Education Network group.

Both group moderators, Tracie Fobes and Debbie Gartner (who, if you do not know, are both big-time bloggers) leapt in and addressed my questions.

I indicate, what's much better than that?

I'm discovering how to be a much better blog writer from pros who have already mastered it. And I'm taking advantage of their knowledge that they so generously share free of charge.

It's the best recipe for an outstanding blogging Facebook group.

17 Facebook Groups for Bloggers You Need to Join Right Now.

Alright, you all set for the great things? Let's dig into the list

1. Blogging for New Bloggers.

Yes, daily threads consist of post sharing and commenting, repinning, Facebook follows and share anything promo days.

Why You Should Join.

I enjoy Blogging for New Bloggers due to the fact that there are plenty of opportunities to promote your blog but it's likewise an open forum for asking questions about blogging.

This group is tailored towards beginning blog writers but anybody is welcome and more than 22,000 individuals have signed up with. It's a fantastic location to get help and recommendations on beginning or growing your list, increasing your traffic, generating income from-- generally anything blog-related you need to know.

2. Blogging Newbs.

Yes, there are discount days for Pinterest and post sharing, in addition to feedback and motivation threads.

Why You Should Join.

Blogging Newbs isn't just for newbies, there are blog writers at every phase of the video game hanging out here. (Like a lot of them-- this group has 26,000+ members and counting.)

I love this group because it's very first and primary about helping members become better bloggers.

McKinzie motivates asking questions, discussing your most significant blogging difficulties, requesting feedback, etc. There's a guaranteed sense of neighborhood, which can't be beat.

3. Ending up being a Blogger.

Yes, there are promo days for Facebook likes, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, post sharing, plus a wildcard day.

Why You Should Join.

Becoming a Blogger is a Facebook group for blog writers who are major about growing their blog sites, generating income and living the work at house life.

You can join this group even if you haven't begun your blog yet and require a little coaching or encouragement on how to do it.

There are 15,000+ members who can answer questions. And you'll often see Cate jumping in to use help as well when there's a particularly tough question on the table.

4. Golden Bloggerz.

Yes, day-to-day sharing for Pinterest, social media follows, article and Instagram.

Why You Should Join.

Chris Kosto really wishes to assist other blog writers succeed and Golden Bloggerz practically seems like more of a household than a lot of random individuals trying to get their material seen.

 He encourages people to actively participate in the group (no link-dropping and running here!) and he puts in the time to leave thoughtful comments on member posts.

This group is a fantastic choice if you want to take a look at an eclectic mix of blog sites. You'll find whatever from inspirational blogs to digital marketing blogs to freelance writing blogs that makes it ideal if you're interested in checking out different specific niches.

5. Blogging Babes Collective.

Yes, there are promo threads for Facebook, Twitter, post sharing, Pinterest and partnerships.

Why You Should Join.

Cooperation and assistance are the focus of Blogging Babes Collective, although there are plenty of chances to promote your blog site.

Aside from promotion threads, group host Sasha likewise publishes an everyday thread for members to ask concerns about specific topics. Those consist of things like how to figure out SEO or how to improve your blog site style.

It's a fantastic group for discovering how to blog site while making blogging pals (even if you're a major introvert like me. )

6. Blog Writer Education Network.

Why You Should Join.

Two factors: Tracie and Debbie.

They are seriously two of the most useful individuals I've satisfied so far in the blogging world. I've asked a bunch of concerns in this group and they've come through with strong answers whenever.

My only regret is not discovering this group faster. A lot of Facebook groups for bloggers declare to be judgment-free zones where you can ask anything but Blogger Education Network is the real offer.

7. Blogging Like We Mean It.

Why You Should Join.

Blogging Like We Mean It is a pretty big group (13,000+) members and there are people here from all over the blogging spectrum.

You can come here to ask questions, share your greatest wins (or fails) and request for motivation or support when you're prepared to stop blogging.

Also, watch for routine lives from host Carly where she speaks about the current blogging patterns and uses practical suggestions for enhancing your blog site.

8. Blog Writers Camp-- Community to Connect.

Yes, there are discount days for social media shares, cooperations, sharing post and dropping links to your opt-in freebies.

Why You Should Join.

I truly love Arfa's blog site (previously Epife.com) due to the fact that she just provides a lot of great blogging suggestions! When I saw that she had a Facebook group, I was thrilled to sign up with and I haven't been dissatisfied.

Blog writers Camp is fantastic for developing connections with other blog writers. If you're seeking to provide services as a way to generate income with your blog site or you want to team up with another blog writer in your niche, this is the location to be.

9. Blogging Boss Chicks.

Yes, there are daily threads for Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and post shares.

Why You Should Join.

Blogging Boss Chics is among the more current Facebook groups for blog writers I've signed up with however I'm currently hooked!

This group is a terrific place to promote and share your material, including affiliate links. And Ashley makes a point of allowing you to promote more than just your Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram, with YouTube sharing threads thrown in the mix.

10. The Smart Blogging Group.

Yes, though this group is likewise about sharing your blogging wins and finding individuals to collab with.

Why You Should Join.

The Smart Blogging Approach is an excellent Facebook group for blog writers to sign up with if you have alllll the concerns about blogging and need them responded to.

There are threads for sharing and promotion of your blog site but it's more about discovering how to blog, which is perfect for beginners or you're like me and you still haven't figured this entire blogging thing out yet.

Group owner Ana is a blogging professional and the community here is constantly super handy.

11. BTOP Ultimate Blogging Group.

Why You Should Join.

BTOP Ultimate Blogging Group is run by Ben and Jeff, who have established not one, but two successful blogs.

They're totally transparent about what worked (and what didn't) and they're AWESOME! (And I do not simply state that because I write for Dollarsprout-- they're seriously excellent people.)

A lot of recognized blog writers belong to this group and they freely share their understanding. It's definitely one to join if you're serious about growing your blog and making real money from it.

12. Pinterest Ninjas

Yes, there are days for social sharing, Pinterest follows and wildcard promotion days.

Why You Should Join.

We blog writers get it pounded into our heads that Pinterest is a fantastic traffic driver. And that's pretty much real.

But dang, figuring out Pinterest? That's a real challenge, at least it is for me.

Pinterest Ninjas is all about leveling up your Pinterest game. You can share your pins or Pinterest profile here but you can also get feedback on pin designs and popular tools for pinning, like Canva or Tailwind.

13. Bloggers Supporting Bloggers.

Yes, there are routine sharing days for blog posts, giveaways as well as days for sharing your wins and asking for feedback.

Why You Should Join.

Blog Writers Supporting Bloggers is a remarkable resource for gaining visibility as a new blog writer. The sharing threads are constantly super active which is great if you require to get eyes on your content.

As an included plus, the group recognizes a blog writer of the week which means you have a chance to be in the spotlight and generate a lot more traffic if you're chosen.

14. A Self Guru-- Biz Blog Community.

Yes, there are daily threads for blog post, Pinterest and social sharing.

Why You Should Join.

A Self Guru-- Blog Biz Community is one of my preferred Facebook groups for blog writers. It's a truly friendly and helpful corner of Facebook to hang out in as a blog writer.

This group covers the gamut of practically everything blogging and business-related, including how to make sure you're blogging lawfully. (Be sure to get Amira's Legal Bundle-- it's got everything you require to make your blog site & & biz site 100% legal.)

15. Blogging With Purpose.

Yes, for article and social sharing, plus a feedback thread.

Why You Should Join.

Kelan and Brittany are six-figure blog writers so they certainly know what they're speaking about when giving out blogging guidance.

Blogging With Purpose is created to assist other blog writers crack the code on earning money online.

Whether you wish to make money blogging through sponsorships, ads, offering your own items or affiliates, you'll fit right in.

16. Beginner & & Expert Bloggers Unite.

Yes, regular days for sharing content with some days providing multiple themed sharing threads.

Why you need to join:.

I initially satisfied Lucy in a personal blogging obstacle group run by Cate at Sweet and Simple Life and it became extremely clear, extremely early that she is destined to kill it at blogging.

Although her blogs (yes, she has more than one!) are fairly brand-new she's handled to grow Newbie & & Expert Bloggers Unite by leaps and bounds in a very brief time. This group is a terrific location to connect, despite what level of blogging you're at.

17. Help a Blogger Out.

Why You Should Join.

Help a Blogger Out lives up to its name.

Everyone in this group is constantly prepared to pitch in and respond to concerns or deal help when needed.

You can share your content here on promotion days but this Facebook group for bloggers is more about networking, developing relationships and fine-tuning your blogging abilities.

Tips for Joining Facebook Blogging Groups.

So ideally, you've discovered a couple of groups on this list that you would like to join.

Here are my finest pointers for signing up with and taking part in Facebook groups to grow your blog site:

Consider what you want to get from the group.

Recently, I decided to leave 60+ Facebook groups for blogging due to the fact that they simply didn't fit with what I required.

However I was in all of them since I 'd gone on a group joining spree. Do not do that; it's just a time-waster.

Rather, think about what you're trying to find in a group (education, sharing, connections, etc). Adhere to joining only those groups that fit the bill.

Respond to the concerns to sign up with.

One thing you'll face a lot when signing up with blog writer groups on Facebook is needing to respond to prescreening questions.

Usually, you'll need to share your blog site URL and why you wish to sign up with. You might also be asked to agree to not break the group rules.

Do not avoid these questions. If you do, your demand to sign up with will likely go disregarded or get deleted.

Read the group guidelines and follow them.

Every group has various guidelines about what you can and can't do, especially when it concerns when you can publish links to your blog.

If you're going to sign up with a Facebook group to promote your blog, then excellent.

But don't step on the admin's toes to do it.

So read the guidelines, get acquainted with when you can and can't share. And many of all, be great to other people in the group.

Engage with other group members.

Facebook groups for blog writers that support neighborhood just work when the members and admins take part.

So ask concerns. And if you can respond to a concern another person posts, do not be afraid to chime in.

This is how you are familiar with people and it's likewise how you find out how to be a better blogger.

Share your things!

Last but not least, if a Facebook group you come from has sharing or discount threads, utilize them!

Just remember that Facebook can penalize you for sharing the very same link too many times. So mix it up.

For instance, I try to promote 2 to 3 various posts or pins every week. This keeps me from getting on Facebook's bad side and it assists me evaluate out what kind of material is getting the best action.

Likewise, understand that Facebook can ding you for commenting frequently in a brief quantity of time also.

So if you're discussing a thread to let other members know you've shared their stuff, try to space it out.

And duh-- make certain you're sharing other peoples' content.

It's called reciprocation and it's just fair to spread the love a little if other people are assisting promote your blog site. 

Do You Have a Favorite Facebook Group for Bloggers?

So there you have it, my personal favorite picks for the very best Facebook groups to grow your blog!

If you have a group you simply like, enjoy, like, head to the remarks and inform me about it.

And obviously, be sure to share this post in the blogging Facebook groups you come from if it helped you!



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